Crosshatching drawing
Fineliner drawing of a nightscape

Format: A5 (Sketchbook excerpt)

Fineliner on paper

3rd of September 2015

After the first week of the two we spent on holiday in the beautiful seaside town of Heiligenhafen, I finally got to slow down, rest and realize I miss my sketchbook.
Every evening, we went on a walk by the beach, on the pier or in the nearby port.
After one of these walks I drew this sketch.
It doesn’t show any sign of seaside nearby, but my favorite elements in it are the light-colored road and the streetlights on it’s side, inspired by the streetlights on the boardwalk and the warm light they spread at dusk.

Maybe it reminds me of Dorothy and the yellow-brick-road – from the story of the wizard of Oz -, which road is supposed to take her back home 🙂

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