Kaleidoscope picture
Fine-liner drawing of geometric shapes in multiple colors – reminder of a kaleidoscope picture

Dimensions 21/10cm

Fineliner on paper

Finished on the 9th of September 2017

Have you ever had a kaleidoscope-toy in your childhood? I did 🙂

And loved it.

For those, who didn’t have the joy and don’t necessarily know, what I mean, a kaleidoscope is a tube with loose bits of colored plastic (or glass) and mirrors inside, at one end. One can look inside through the opposite end of the tube and, by turning it and causing the loose bits to roll and reflect in different positions, the image resulted is a symmetrical pattern of colors, which constantly changes, if the tube is turning.

I could spend pretty much time looking through this toy, fascinated by the forms and colors I’d get to create.

This beautiful memory made me smile, when I realized, where my picture took me 🙂

Here’s to beautiful memories and constantly creating new ones!

Happy Wednesday, everyone 😉

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