Hello there,

my name is Leia and I love to draw, dance, daydream, read in my free time. Worth mentioning, that these represent only a part of my pretty various interests (aah, so many options, so very little time 🙂 ).

I first started www.leia-tatucu.com as a communication alternative with my friends and family. A different kind of keeping them up-to-date with my art projects.

I uploaded the drawings and paintings I was working on and this also became a motivation in looking for new ways to be creative and trying new means of expression.

Born and grown up in a town in the southwestern region of Banat, Romania, I moved to the beautiful city of Timisoara at the age of nineteen, to get an university education in engineering.

At home, in Timisoara, I used to dance in my free time. I started this beautiful journey called “dance” (Argentine Tango) with a few of my friends in Romania.

After 10 years, in which I learned a lot more than just what I had to learn for my exams and also made wonderful friends, at the beginning of 2013, I moved again.

This time abroad, to the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany, for better career opportunities.

Through all the changes I ever made, I found a source of energy in pursuing my passions and a great support from the beautiful people  I got to know along the way by doing so.

The one passion that this page is referring to kept me focused and balanced in so many ways for the past years.

Here I chose to post my art projects and share some of my thoughts and interests.

I don’t always manage to upload the progress in real time and I sometimes start more projects at once, which only delays the uploads, but I am learning and enjoying every step on the way.

Thank you for taking time to visit http://www.leia-tatucu.com. Please feel free to contact me for suggestions, exchange of thoughts on topics of interest or collaborations.