A year in review - I believe that looking back helps us to look forward

Well, here we are - at the end of this strange and challenging year, that 2020 has been for all of us.

I never thought, I'd live the day where we would have to keep the distance, in order to show others how much we actually care. 

I don't know about you, but it certainly shook me to the core - Argentine tango dancers around the world can confirm that our embrace is our way to communicate our feelings to our dance partner.

Dancing the Argentine tango is addictive (in a positive way) and it is for many such dancers a way of living. And, well, for now, this also means for us we have to go on without this special kind of communication and comforting, which doesn't make it easier, generally speaking, but will make the dances afterwards that much more meaningful and magic. 

What started as a 'normal' year, pretty soon turned out to be quite different than what we have known so far.

When I last embraced my friends and family in the summer of 2019, I didn't expect this embrace to be one to last for what now seem to be at least two years. Would I have imagined this, I would have held them a little bit longer, for sure :) 

But I do believe that by going through this special circumstances, we get a chance of understanding how blessed we are and might learn to cherish our blessings even more.

While we have to be maintaining the distance, we have been also challenged to find new ways to take care of each other, stay safe, sane and communicate beyond the usual channels what we wish to one another.

I have been spending more time reflecting on what I wish to do and why I pursue the path I pursue. It might sound plain and obvious - why we do, what we do -, but I assure you, it is not.

Reflecting on what my true interests look like and how I can be of service to myself and to others, by practicing what I am preaching.

Due to the increasingly expanding interest around a holistic approach on our training practiced in the Wing Chun School I am a proud student of and the soothing effect it has on me, I started my own deeper learning journey on Qigong. A journey I hope to be about 'covering all the view angles', because there are always more perspectives to be considered, than just the obvious ones.

I also found a wonderful supporting group of like-minded women who get together on a regular basis to learn from and cheer each other, all the way. 

Wonderful ladies who not only celebrate everyone's each positive step forward, but the lessons we all have to learn on our journey as small business owners and students, too.

In a nutshell, I choose to concentrate on the positive making its way through the negative.

For the year to come, I look forward on trying out new digital drawing and resin pouring techniques for my artwork and am really curious about where some of these new techniques will lead me to.

But in order to allow creativity to lead me further, I will first take a break from the social media platforms and forget I own a mobile phone, for a couple of days.

A well-deserved break, in order to rest, recover and make room for all the creative ideas to come forward.

I can only wish you the same - stay safe, enjoy your loved ones (online Christmas party, I am on my way!), rest, recover and let's make 2021 a wonderful year!

I wish you all happy holidays! 


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