Cornerstone teamwork

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes realize I am talking to myself, while reflecting on something or weighing pros and cons for some decision I have to make.

Please mind, I am not talking about any disorder other than the standard ones , we ALL may be experiencing :))

I do find it funny, especially if the so-called dialogue goes like there are multiple persons /personalities trapped inside myself and I remember some cartoon where one finds itself observing an angel and a devil arguing over the topic.

Then again, every “Leia” that turns out at the discussions table simply advocates a different perspective on the issue.

And wouldn’t it be a shame if we would let such an opportunity - of defending every side of a matter - get away? I’d say, the more perspectives, the better overview before making a decision.

This kind of a dialogue is a standard when it comes for me to deciding upon / planning an artwork / putting into practice some idea I have.

What I might have feared of being contradictory themes, before arguing the different angles, I find it to work very well together, to even complement each other, in the end.

For example, the recurring geometric patterns (squares and triangles) in my fineliner drawings in combination with flowers or birds, especially with watercolor, are two different, yet as such complementary themes, from my point of view. 

Soft and hard edges, fully colored areas and hatchings, black/white and popping colors, fineliner and watercolor or resin, the possibilities are endless, so we shouldn’t deny ourselves the fun of exploring them.

Who says that different or opposite themes can’t appear together and rock the stage, even more than they would on their own, more often than not?