Dieser Post enthält #Werbung / This post contains #advertisement

Lately I have been noticing on various social media accounts of friends or artists I am following the clear indication of advertisement in their posts, whenever they are using hashtags or handles of various companies or products they are simply using or even recommending.

And then I remembered. 2019, in Germany, there were several cases of reports of influencers and not only for hosting covert advertisement on their platforms and in their posts or not having various collaborations clearly marked as paid partnerships. 

Since this is definitely still a gray area, the (German) applicable legislation in the works and the necessary boundaries not yet clearly defined, the best advice for us, users (not only influencers!) out there is to clearly mark one too many posts as advertisement, before too few. 

So please let me clear about my posts:

I started this page as a communication channel to my friends and family - a way of keeping them up to date with my creative projects.

This was about 6 years ago. In the meantime, I started to market my own artworks/designs on print-on-demand channels like Society6 or Redbubble and am working on bringing my own online shop to life.

So, yes, I sometimes post advertisement regarding available products with my designs on them - like in the Footer of my website - or in my artwork portfolio, lately also available on my website and powered by the Artwork Archive.

I do apologize in advance, if you might find this annoying, reading the according hint every time I post something on my social media accounts in regard to programs, products or apps I am using, but I thank you for understanding and showing your support through respecting each others work and copyright and related rights.

Best regards,