Not your average love statement

I can't believe summer is gone, already.

This year has been pretty strange, so far.

This time of the year I usually take a trip at home, to Romania, visiting my friends in Timisoara and my family.

The city is beautiful in September/October. The days are still very warm and the nights not yet too cold. 

Oh, and the light, the light is special and the colors so intense.

At least, in my memories they are and will forever remain :) 

We only keep the best memories of the most precious love stories, so it is only natural to keep the city of Timisoara this way in my heart.

We should have been celebrating 10 years of Argentine tango in Timisoara this fall - Anivertango.

I was looking forward to hugging my friends and getting to share our stories - good or bad, they're always easier to get over them or nicer to celebrate when they are shared with dear ones. 

But this isn't supposed to be a sad post and I am very grateful for the fact that we are only a Videochat or written message away, when we miss each other. 

So, stay safe, dear friends and family, I'll see you soon.

And for the rest, don't worry, once you tango, you tango forever, they say :)

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