Time management is the key... Yeah, right!

Well, it has definitely been a while now since I have gotten around to write something for my website or at least to upload some of the works I managed to finish in the last months...

I guess it has also to do with the fact that I haven't quite found my routine yet. Specifically, a way to either extend the 24h-day to a 48h one or to get the household/grocery shopping etc. stuff done the Sabrina-way - magic would be nice sometimes! - so that I can concentrate only on what I please :)

Then again, I'm pretty sure that if the day was 48h long, I would still find a way to lose myself in the various topics of interest I have, so that somehow I still wouldn't get enough sleep :D

A couple of weeks ago, I bought two small drawer cabinets, to get some order again in my art supplies. Some of them were stored in cardboard boxes and finding what I was looking for for my projects turned out to be pretty annoying sometimes. By bringing these in order, I stumbled upon a little treasure: paper-pressed pansies from a while ago. I had pressed the flowers and let them between the paper sheets to completely dry - and forgot about them! 

Although I had no idea, what exactly I wanted to use them for, when I paper-pressed them, this time I knew instantly, what they were going to be - pretty flower pictures to brighten by bookshelves!

Preparing the background for two more pictures with single flowers 


Field Pansy I


Field Pansy II



Don’t you think pansies look friendly, too?

I most certainly do. Maybe that is why they make me smile - smile back, that is :)