La Ronda Red Yoga Mat

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€130,00 EUR

Downward Facing Dog, Crouching Tiger and the Lotus position all require practice and dedication to perfect. You can now practice your poses in style thanks to one of our favorite products - yoga mats! The mat is an essential for anyone who enjoys a workout, no matter how often! The mat is hygienic, lightweight, robust, and it comes with a handy carrying strap, making it perfect for travelling around with.

Designer Yoga Mats

Designer Yoga Mats

  • Natural rubber non-slip base
  • Eco-friendly hessian lattice
  • 24.8" x 70.86" x 0.16"
  • Weighs approx 5.5 lb
  • Handmade to order

Wipe down with a warm damp cloth after use.

  • Wipe Down

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