My artwork is often inspired by the world around me and everyday life situations. Currently, I've found my creative expression through the use of fineliner pens, digital processing tools, and resin. The act of putting pen to paper and immersing myself in the creative process brings me immense joy.

After meticulously scanning and fine-tuning my detailed crafted drawings, I thoroughly relish the process of seamlessly weaving them into a myriad of captivating visuals. These original drawings possess an inherent ability to shine as stand-alone exhibited pieces, mesmerizing viewers with their raw beauty and artistic expression. Alternatively, they can be thoughtfully integrated into captivating mixed media artwork, harmoniously blending with various elements to create a truly unique visual experience. Once the transformation is complete, these artful creations are then made available for sale, allowing art enthusiasts to bring a piece of this creative journey into their own personal spaces.

Moreover, I have discovered that digital extensions have unlocked a new dimension for traditional 2D paintings, presenting a myriad of captivating possibilities. These extensions offer an interactive experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the artwork and appreciate its intricate details with enhanced depth and clarity. Through the incorporation of AR art or digital additions, static 2D paintings can acquire a dynamic element, breathing life and movement into them. This captivating interplay between art and technology expands the boundaries of artistic expression, redefining our perception and interaction with art.