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Article: Introduction to My Artistic Journey

Introduction to My Artistic Journey

Introduction to My Artistic Journey

 A personal story of how I discovered my passion for fineliner illustration and resin mixed media art.

A Childhood of Creative Expression – Exploring art from a young age

From the tender age of innocence, the world of art has been a constant companion in my journey, a passion ingrained deeply within me. My first foray into this vibrant realm dates back to the days when my great-grandfather, a man as loving as he was wise, would place an array of colored pens and sheaves of paper before my eager eyes. This was his subtle way of occupying my attention, ensuring that my youthful energy did not disrupt his intricate work in his wood workshop. It was here, amidst the scent of sawdust and the rhythmic cadence of his tools, that my lifelong romance with drawing and painting began.
Just like my great-grandfather, who artfully balanced his responsibilities as a supervisor in the steelworks with his passion for oil painting and wood sculpting, my life too, has been a delicate dance between the precise, structured world of civil engineering and the boundless realm of artistic creation for the past 8 years. My great-grandfather wielded brushes and chisels, his canvases echoed with the rich hues of his oil paints, and the echo of his sculpting resonated within the intricate forms of his wooden creations. In contrast, my artistic journey has led me down a different path. My chosen instruments are fineliner pens, their sharp, indelible strokes capturing the minutiae of my imagination, these intricate geometric designs then find their home within the glossy, ethereal planes of resin mixed media paintings. We are both artists, painting with different brushes yet bound by the shared thread of creativity.

Struggling to Find My Own Voice - Experiences with traditional art and the challenge of finding my own style

Intriguingly, my great-grandfather and I share another parallel in our artistic journeys: Neither of us received formal training in the fine arts. My great-grandfather, a man of humble beginnings and immense skill, learned to craft his intricate wooden sculptures and masterful oil paintings through years of painstaking self-study and experimentation, his hands acquiring the understanding of form and color that others learned in the confines of art institutions. I, too, have followed a similar path. My understanding and command of geometric design and resin painting are the fruits of countless hours spent honing my craft, testing the boundaries of my materials, and studying the works of artists I admire. Additionally, I have taken numerous art classes that have allowed me to explore and develop my skills in various creative directions. From photography to drawing, and especially resin painting, I have focused my studies on the areas that truly interest me. As self-taught artists, we are bound by the shared experience of learning our art outside the structured pedagogy of traditional art education.

Fineliner drawing of a geometric pattern in color

The influence of technical drawing had a profound impact on my artistic style, triggering a transformative journey that was both challenging and enlightening. The precision and structural symmetry inherent in technical drawings gradually permeated my freehand sketches, subtly altering the organic flow that once characterized them. Suddenly, my sketches transcended the mere capture of a subject's essence; they became a profound exploration of form, structure, and balance. However, this transition was not without its struggles. In embracing the "new" straight line as an integral part of my artistic style, I have unlocked a world of creative opportunities. Exploring geometric patterns now complements my evolving artistic identity, allowing me to express myself in unique and captivating ways. The clash between rigidity and fluidity has transformed into a harmonious dance, where my artistic voice shines brightly, weaving a tapestry of beauty and innovation.

Developing a Signature Style - Discovering fineliner illustration and mixed media art with resin

Engineering and art, two disciplines often perceived as diametrically opposed, surprisingly intersect in profound ways. This intertwining has led to the birth of a unique art form—technical drawing, which marries the precision of engineering with the creativity of art. Through technical drawing, I discovered the power of geometric patterns, a testament to the essence of engineering—structure, and balance. This fusion of engineering and art has not merely broadened my artistic repertoire; it has fundamentally revolutionized my approach to creativity, infusing my work with a distinctiveness that is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating.

Black ink fineliner drawings in small format

Adapting to this new approach was not without its trials. The initial transition from organic freehand sketches to more structured, geometric forms was jarring. The rigidity of technical drawing, with its precise lines and measurements, seemed to stifle the spontaneous creativity that once flowed freely in my sketches. I grappled with the stark contrast between the fluidity of freehand drawing and the rigid precision of technical drawing. It was a period of creative dissonance and frustration as I wrestled with reconciling these two divergent styles, questioning whether it was possible to marry freedom of expression with precision and structure. During this time, I even stopped drawing altogether outside of the technical drawing classes and years after.

In 2014, faced with the daunting challenge of moving to a completely new country, adapting to new habits and a new job, and the absence of Argentine tango dancing (a joy and activity I had been sharing with my friends since 2010 at home, in Timisoara), I discovered a newfound passion for drawing. It became a powerful tool for me to express my emotions and navigate the stress of this transition. Through my artistic journey, I found solace, resilience, and the courage to explore new frontiers.

My Artistic Journey So Far - Reflections on the milestones in my artistic journey and where it’s taking me

Reflecting on the evolution of my artistic style, it's apparent that my journey has been marked by periods of radical change, evolution, and periods of introspection. The transformation from freehand sketches to technical drawing represented a significant pivot in how I perceived and interpreted the world around me. It forced me to embrace structure and precision, while still striving to retain expressive freedom. The move to a new country, coupled with the absence of Argentine tango, brought about a resurgence of my passion for drawing; it evolved from a mere pastime to a necessary outlet for emotional expression and stress relief. My style, once characterized by fluid strokes and spontaneity, began to incorporate elements of structure and precision. It was a harmonization of the two worlds I had once seen as irreconcilable - the structured and the freeform, culminating in an artistic style that is uniquely my own. This evolution is a testament to art's transformative power, its ability to adapt and evolve alongside us, mirroring our personal growth and life experiences.

Detail of a resin painting on wood, with acrylic paint as base coat

Finding Inspiration - Exploring sources of inspiration, both traditional and new, that help fuel creativity

Today, both the jubilant symphony of everyday joys and the quiet melancholy of life's sorrows serve as the canvas for my artistic expression. Whether it's the warmth of a shared laugh, the serene beauty of a quiet morning, the sting of a dismissive word, or the lingering pain of loss, these all find their way into my artwork. These personal experiences, as universal as they are individual, are transformed into visual metaphors, creating a bridge between my world and my audience. My art then becomes a dialogue, not an echo chamber. It speaks of shared human experiences, resonating with viewers who may find their own joys and sorrows mirrored within it. This approach allows my art not only to reflect my inner landscape but also to engage with the collective emotions of my audience, making my pieces not just personal mementos, but also universal narratives.

Drawing detail of a geometric style flower

Sharing My Art with Others - Building an online presence to showcase my work and connecting with my audience.

Emotions, in their profound diversity and complexity, serve as the wellspring of creative expression. They infuse art with depth, giving it a palpable heartbeat that resonates with the audience. In my work, emotions are not merely ancillary elements, but the very nucleus of the creative process. They shape the narrative, determine the hues, and dictate the strokes. They transform an ordinary canvas into a dynamic tableau of human experience. It is through this emotional lens that art transcends its physical form to become a reflection of the artist's inner world, a conduit for communication, and a mirror into the soul of the viewer. This interplay of emotions and creativity underscores the power of art as a universal language, capable of expressing what words often fail to capture.

I warmly welcome you to delve deeper into the captivating world of my art. Embark on a journey of emotions and stories as you explore my online gallery, where my paintings come to life.

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