Dis|Harmonie personal exhibition

The pieces of the German-based artist Leia Tatucu are literally multi-layered. The main subject of this layering is undoubtedly the perspective of the artist in regard to experiences from her lived life. Her experienced connections, experienced relationships, experienced happiness, experienced love. The forms and colors she uses in her works are the expression of her inner life. The expression of her emotions in the pictures she is drawing or painting is so strong that they don't need veiling.

Leia Tatucu is an Assembleuse, from French 'assembler', which means she is putting her drawings/paintings together. She is putting individual, fragmentary shapes and images into a new whole together in her pieces. Even though much of this is  happening unconsciously, other aesthetic, acoustic and sensory perceptions always creep in and overlay the main sensation. The layering technique opens up for the artist the opportunity to represent these superimpositions and fusions visually.

The newly created works seem like paintings, the natural boundaries between painting and photography seem to dissolve. Digital image editing plays a major role in this process. The artist is changing colors and transparency, blurs contours or outlines and uses her painting technique to create new, fascinating images that hide the "real reality" and show a different one, an illusion.

Suddenly we discover pieces that don't really belong together, that seem strange, ghostly or spooky and that irritate, disturb or provoke us. An important part plays the tension between the dark elements and the bizarre, the humor. The subjects of the works should move the viewer, regardless of whether one finds them beautiful, ugly or sad. The artist wants the viewer to “immerse” in the images and the stories they tell. She wants to convey moods, expose emotions and give every viewer the chance to read something individual and special in her works.

However, the way we process this inner echo can affect and sometimes even define our sense of balance. The chosen means of expression of the communication around her inner and outer world over the last few years related mainly to drawing with fineliner pens.

A few years ago, after it was almost impossible to save some of her drawings due to prolonged direct sunlight, the artist began to document her work by scanning and archiving it digitally. Leia Tatucu discovered new facets of the scanning process of the drawings through digital editing and began to explore these.

The next evolutionary step in her artistic work consisted in the combination of digitally edited drawings with resin and texture. This process reveals  her inner quest for control and for setting clear boundaries, while the artist has learned to let go and trust the creative process. Immersing into various layers of color that flow into each other. Emotions that are constantly changing. Yellow is alternating to orange to red. Everything is in tune and connected, like the ebbing and flowing of a great wave that is constantly moving.

Always fascinating is the fact that while the visual metaphor depicted by the artist may at times be obvious, different viewers always perceive different versions of it. Colors flare like in the intoxication of love. The status quo is being veiled into multiple layers. She entrusts the harshness of her emotions to the resin. Wax coats negative emotion and harshness with a soaking milky softness. 

Tatucu's mission: the individual truth of another is only revealed at second glance when we engage with the experiences, emotions and interpretations of the other.

I have to open up and be curious about others in order to see their personal reality.

This insight intervenes in our previous reality and enriches it.

The exhibition is taking place at:

Fotowerkstatt & Galerie
Norbert Nieser

Große Falterstraße 31/3
70597 Stuttgart
Phone 0711 76 56 719

Opening hours
Friday                             4pm to 6pm
 10am to 12pm
and by appointment
Duration of the exhibition 2nd until 24th of April 2022 

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