My first solo exhibition

I met Harry when working for my former employer. Since I don't remember having made any observations about my profession, I might have to add that I am a civil engineer and I currently work as a project manager in industrial construction.

He and I made a good team together and I’ve had a lot to learn from him as a project manager. Among other things, how to tackle a new project with full commitment and enthusiasm and how to consider the obstacles in the project execution as an opportunity to learn something new from it and to develop professionally (and sometimes as a person, too) further.

The same high dedication, enthusiasm and passion he now brings into his small but fine business, a dance shoe shop - Danzapatos - in the middle of Landshut (Germany), which he opened and successfully operates together with his wife, Daniela.

When I visited them at the end of last year with a mutual friend, we learned that Danzapatos will be extended in the rooms next door from September 2019. During our conversation about our work (yes, I still need his advice, even now, years later) and favorite recreational pastimes (we share a passion for the argentine tango together), Harry got the idea to organize an art exhibition with my artwork in the space, where the store will be extended, before the store opening.

In my free time I like to draw and I edit my drawings as various collages or patterns in Photoshop. Starting from the beginning of this year, my works and designs are also available for sale online – as art prints or printed on various products. 

This solo exhibition in Danzapatos' extension rooms represents a brief summary of my artwork from the past five years and how it has evolved and continues to do so. 

Over three weekends, starting on May 17th, 2019, I will look forward to greeting you on Fridays (4pm to 7pm) and Saturdays (10am to 6pm) at Spiegelgasse 201 in 84028 Landshut. 

Since I will be present throughout the opening hours of the exhibition, we have not planned a vernissage in the classical sense for this event.

However, I will gladly answer all questions of the guests about my artwork, my inspiration and the sometimes not necessarily obvious connection between my profession and this passion.

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