Leia is a Romanian artist based in Germany.

By combining fineliner drawings with resin poured paintings, geometric shapes and patterns with floral or animal motifs and alternating realism with abstraction in her work, she often depicts themes of general interest as visual metaphors.

Her work usually includes hatch drawings and freehand straight lines, as a result of the technical drawing training she received while studying for her university degree as a civil engineer.

By drawing elaborate and time-consuming geometric patterns Leia brings a sense of control back to her sometimes hectic life. 

She is pursuing her self-taught visual language and attending specific training courses in resin pouring, digital editing and drawing while also exercising her engineering profession.

Artist’s statement 

How our environment and experiences echo into our inner world is invisible to the eyes of others, unless we share it ourselves.

Yet, how we choose to process this echo can influence and sometimes even define our sense of balance.

My introvert processing tool through the past six years has been enhancing my skill in regard to fineliner drawings and evolving it by taking up digital editing.

The latest artwork evolution step is combining my drawings with resin painting.

It simultaneously reveals my inner strive for control and setting clear boundaries while learning to let go and trust the creative process. 

I find it to be fascinating that even though the visual metaphor represented through a artwork might be obvious, different spectators will perceive different versions of it and every one of them will choose what they need to see at that specific moment in time. 

Ultimately, through my art, I wish to raise a sense of hope and inspire to positive action in the observer.