Leia, an artist originally from Romania and now based in Germany, combines fineliner drawings with resin poured paintings.
Her artwork showcases a harmonious blend of geometric shapes, patterns, and motifs inspired by flora and fauna. Leia effortlessly weaves together realism and abstraction, using visual metaphors to explore themes of universal interest. Her artistic journey is influenced by her background in civil engineering, evident in the meticulous hatch drawings and precise straight lines that adorn her pieces. By creating intricate geometric patterns, Leia finds solace and control in her otherwise bustling life. Alongside her engineering profession, she continues to refine her self-taught visual language and expand her skills through dedicated training in resin pouring, digital editing, and drawing.

Artist’s statement 

The way our environment and experiences shape our inner world remains hidden from others unless we choose to share it ourselves. However, how we process these echoes can greatly influence, and at times even define, our sense of balance. Over the past six years, my journey as an introvert has led me to develop a processing tool: honing my skill in fineliner drawings and expanding it through digital editing. Now, I'm taking the next step in the evolution of my artwork by combining my drawings with resin painting and digital extensions. This artistic fusion represents my inner desire for control and setting clear boundaries, while also teaching me to let go and trust the creative process.

What I find truly fascinating is that even though the visual metaphors portrayed in my artwork may seem apparent, each spectator perceives their own unique version of it. Everyone chooses to see what they need in that specific moment. Ultimately, through my art, I aspire to ignite a sense of hope and inspire positive action in those who observe it. You can explore my portfolio here.