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Article: Learning - My Journey with Resin Mixed Media Art

Learning - My Journey with Resin Mixed Media Art

Learning - My Journey with Resin Mixed Media Art

Sharing the learning process and challenges faced while mastering the resin mixed media art form.

Resin mixed media art, a captivating form of creativity, brings together various elements to create captivating, multi-dimensional pieces of work. At its core, this art form revolves around the use of epoxy resin, a hard, crystal-clear substance that forms a glass-like finish when cured. The process of working with resin involves mixing it with a hardener and then incorporating different artistic elements like pigments, beads, structure paste or even metal pieces. The versatility of resin allows the artist to layer various materials, creating depth and a sense of movement within the artwork. In this week’s blogpost, I will delve into the intricacies of this medium and the technique behind it from my own perspective.
But before anything else, allow me to share the story of how I stumbled upon it. Or perhaps it would be more precise to say, how resin made its way into my life.

Discovering Resin: A New Medium Takes Hold

In 2019, I stumbled upon the medium that would forever change my approach to art—resin.
During that time, I wasn't actively exploring new artistic mediums. My main focus was finding a solution to protect my fineliner drawings from UV exposure, which often caused fading and signs of aging on the paper and ink or watercolor I used. The scare of almost losing a significant ink drawing, especially the red parts, due to sun damage while it was displayed in our living room prompted me to take proactive measures to preserve my artwork. First, I started scanning every drawing I made. Second, I began coating the originals with acrylic lacquer to enhance their longevity. My intention was to safeguard the integrity of the originals by seeking age-resistant, UV-protective, and similar characteristics.
While browsing the internet in search of the finest techniques to preserve and safeguard my artwork, I unexpectedly came across a fascinating article discussing the application of resin. As an avid admirer of various art forms, stumbling upon this unexpected encounter ignited a profound sense of wonder and fascination within me. The article introduced me to a captivating new medium in the realm of fine art, fueling my curiosity and leaving me eager to delve deeper. The portrayal of resin's graceful fluidity, its remarkable ability to harmonize with other materials, and the enchanting luminosity of its finish immediately seized my attention.
Intrigued by my curiosity, I delved deeper into the digital realm in search of comprehensive insights on utilizing resin materials. Regrettably, my endeavors to uncover the precise guidance I sought were met with difficulty. Despite the scarcity of reviews, I persevered and successfully narrowed down a selection of viable material options.

Resin painting detail

The information I came across provided a brief overview of the resin pouring process and the manipulation of its fluid dynamics. It also stressed the significance of following safety precautions when working with resin, which greatly influenced my purchasing decisions. Despite its limited details, this information proved invaluable in shaping my understanding and guiding my choices.
After careful consideration, I finally settled on one of the products I had discovered. I placed an order for the minimum quantity available as a set, consisting of resin and hardener. My intention was to test the material and see how well I could work with it. The excitement for this new artistic adventure was overwhelming, and I eagerly awaited the arrival of my package. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a transformative journey into the world of resin art.
The day the package arrived was brimming with anticipation. Carefully unwrapping the box, I found not only the resin and hardener, but also a wealth of additional material information and a flyer. Surprisingly, the flyer turned out to be an advertisement for the German merchant distributing the resin material. What caught my attention was the unexpected revelation that the salesperson herself was an artist. The flyer provided enticing details about her resin-focused classes and showcased her exquisite resin masterpieces on her website, displaying an astonishing depth of talent. As I delved deeper into the flyer, I discovered that she was actually located not very far from my own place. This serendipitous connection added an intriguing layer of proximity and personal touch to my artistic journey, making it all the more captivating.
Without wasting any time, I seized the unexpected opportunity presented by the Universe and immediately reached out to the resin artist who provided the materials I had just purchased. I expressed my deep interest in her exquisite work and inquired about the possibility of enrolling in her beginner classes. I was genuinely eager to learn from someone so skilled in this captivating medium, as it had ignited my curiosity and would expand the horizons of my artistic practice. Her prompt and enthusiastic response only heightened my excitement and solidified my decision to embark on this enriching journey of discovery and growth in the realm of resin art.

Experimentation and Mastery: Embracing the Challenge

The pursuit of mastering resin has been an exhilarating and challenging journey. I continue to expand my knowledge on the subject, fully aware that the path of exploration and discovery has no foreseeable end. It was exhilarating as it felt like a perfect balance between the strict and precise practice of creating geometric patterns with fineliner pens. However, it was also challenging for the very same reason - I had to let go of precision and instead rely on patience and skill in pouring the fluid material and using a hot air gun to guide it in the desired direction and composition.
Since discovering this material, I have attended numerous classes on its application and how to combine it with other materials. This led me to become a regular student at the art academy of the talented resin artist whom I met when I first ordered the resin. With her guidance and through my own independent exploration, I have dedicated countless hours to experimenting with resin. During this time, I have observed the fascinating reactions between resin and various other materials, carefully studied the curing process, and skillfully manipulated it to achieve the desired effects. Each new discovery has been a valuable addition to my artistic vocabulary, enabling me to express my ideas in innovative and profound ways.

Resin painting workshop and independent experimentation

Experimenting with resin offers artists a unique blend of challenges and rewards that can be both daunting and invigorating. The multifaceted nature of resin art lies in its complexities - achieving the perfect balance of resin and hardener, meticulous mixing techniques, and a discerning eye for color blending. It's a delicate dance between precision and creativity, as even the slightest miscalculation can result in undesirable outcomes, such as lack of clarity or the formation of bubbles.
While working with resin brings allure and satisfaction, it hasn't been without its hardships. The mixing stage demands a level of precision that surpasses initial expectations. Countless times, I've encountered pieces that didn't cure properly due to imbalanced mixing. Similarly, mastering the art of color blending presented a steep learning curve. If not handled with care, vibrant colors can easily blend into unappealing shades, requiring subtlety and finesse that I've learned through trial and error. Ultimately, these challenges have become opportunities for growth, refining my skills and making the journey all the more rewarding.

The rewards make these challenges worthwhile. The thrill of creating beautiful pieces, the joy of witnessing colors merge and swirl into unique patterns, and the satisfaction of transforming a simple wood board into a stunning artwork are unparalleled. Each completed piece represents not only an artistic achievement but also a testament to patience, perseverance, and the spirit of exploration. This invigorating cycle of trial, error, and triumph fuels the journey of growth and mastery in the realm of resin art, making every challenge a stepping stone towards artistic expansion.

A Fusion of Styles: Resin Meets Fineliner Drawings

After attaining a certain level of familiarity with resin, I made the deliberate decision to combine it with my deep-rooted passion for fineliner drawings—a skill I had been refining over the course of several years. In fact, as I mentioned in the introduction, my journey in mastering this medium began with the explicit purpose of safeguarding my intricate fineliner creations within its resilient embrace.
The outcome manifested as a distinctive amalgamation of textures, colors, and line work—a harmonious fusion of the abstract and the concrete. The fluid nature of resin juxtaposed with the meticulousness of fineliner drawings engendered an aesthetic that was remarkably unparalleled and profoundly introspective.
The motivation behind my mixed media paintings, which combine resin and fineliner drawings, arises from a deep yearning to delve into artistic expression and push the boundaries of creativity. By merging these distinct mediums, I am able to establish a captivating dialogue between textures, colors, and forms that would not typically intertwine. In my opinion, they harmonize flawlessly, resulting in a truly captivating artistic synergy.

Resin and fineliner drawing mixed media details

Working with resin mixed media art is a true test of patience and precision. Yet, it is also a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. There is an indescribable thrill in witnessing the resin gracefully intertwine with the fineliner drawings, giving birth to an amalgamation of emotions and narratives that are both deeply personal and universally relatable.
Each artwork reveals a new layer of myself, unraveling my thoughts, perspectives, and inner world. The resin's unpredictable nature, its ever-changing fluidity and mesmerizing display, mirrors the unpredictability of life itself and the constant evolution we all experience. Though the process demands time and unwavering focus, the true joy lies within it. Every stroke of the fineliner design, every pour of the resin, is a deliberate step towards manifesting my unique artistic vision.
Through resin mixed media art, I find solace, expression, and the ability to convey my creative essence in a tangible form. It is an art form that allows me to capture the essence of my being and share it with the world.
This interplay opens up new avenues for creativity and allows for the creation of more diverse and multi-faceted artworks. For me, mixed media serves as a means of pushing artistic boundaries, a way of encapsulating the complexity and multi-dimensionality of human experience. Using multiple mediums allows me to convey these experiences in a more nuanced and profound manner, thereby creating artworks that are as complex and layered as the inspirations behind them.

The Journey Continues: Introducing Fresh Media to the Mix

As the quest for artistic exploration persisted, it was only natural to further tread the path of my creative journey and begin incorporating more diverse media into the initial mix of resin and fineliner drawings. The artistic prints started to showcase an eclectic blend of motifs and patterns, reflecting a fusion of traditional and digital elements. It wasn't merely about ink anymore. Now, the process entailed scanning the fineliner drawings and manipulating them digitally to generate new patterns and visual narratives. The artistic repertoire further expanded to encompass structure paste, acrylic and water-based spray paint, stencils, and more. This was an exploration, an evolution—a journey of constantly pushing the artistic boundaries, discovering new facets of self-expression, and breathing life into art that was as multi-dimensional as the experiences that inspired it.
The evolution of artistic techniques is a testament to the unending curiosity and inventive spirit of artists. As I delved deeper into the world of mixed media, I discovered that the realm of possibilities was boundless. Each new medium brought its own unique texture and depth, infusing the artwork with a distinctive character. The incorporation of structure paste, for instance, added a tactile quality to the pieces, while the use of stencils introduced an element of precision and repetition that contrasted beautifully with the free-form fluidity of the resin. The introduction of spray paint, both acrylic and water-based, brought forth a novel aspect of spontaneity and lightness. Digitally manipulating ink drawings and patterns gave me more control over the final outcome, allowing for precise adjustments and the creation of intricate, repetitive designs. These evolving techniques not only enriched the aesthetic appeal of the artworks but also deepened the narrative contained within them, creating a captivating interplay of mediums that echoed the complex interplay of human experiences.
Mixed media art holds a significant place in contemporary art for its ability to break the boundaries between different artistic mediums. It gives artists the freedom to experiment and innovate, creating a layered exploration of materials and techniques. The juxtaposition of different media often results in unexpected and exciting outcomes, challenging traditional notions of what art should be. The inherent diversity of mixed media art mirrors the complexity and multi-faceted nature of human experiences, enhancing its capacity to communicate and resonate with a wide array of audiences. It embodies artistic evolution, standing as a testament to the infinite possibilities of creativity.

Work in progress details of mixed media paintings

Today, I embark on a continuous exploration and experimentation, blending resin with various forms of mixed media. Each stroke on the canvas represents a new journey, a unique narrative. The sheer joy of creating, the thrill of discovery, and the gratification of witnessing a piece come together, all contribute to my resin mixed media art odyssey. Every painting embodies a distinct phase, showcasing my growth as an artist and reminding me of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.
In conclusion, the realm of art expands infinitely, fueled by curiosity and individual interest. It is a realm that encourages exploration and learning, embracing open-ended discussions and dynamic exchanges of ideas. Art and personal growth intertwine seamlessly, mutually enriching one another. The creative process delves into profound personal transformation, nurturing self-understanding, emotional expression, and resilience. Through art, we engage with our inner selves—our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and aspirations. Each brushstroke, each element of mixed media, reflects a facet of our present state and propels us towards our future selves. Thus, the creative journey not only mirrors but also catalyzes personal growth, documenting our evolution and empowering us with a powerful means of self-discovery and self-expression.
Throughout my artistic journey, I've drawn profound inspiration from a wide range of sources. Whether it's the awe-inspiring resilience of remarkable individuals, the captivating adventures that push boundaries, or the extraordinary stories of triumph and perseverance, these sources have taught me the power of resilience on every level. Just as the ethereal landscapes of Claude Monet evoke emotion, these inspiring personalities and adventures have shown me that resilience can be a driving force in creative expression. Their stories encourage me to explore the complexities of my own identity and inspire me to embrace resilience in all its forms.

I invite you to join me in an artistic conversation and share your own journey of self-discovery and expression. Where do you get your inspiration from? What creative tools do you use to explore your inner self and convey your emotions? Whether it's through writing, singing, or acting, how do you express yourself in a way that feels true to who you are? Furthermore, how does your art mirror your personal growth? Let's engage in a dialogue that celebrates our unique artistic processes, explores the profound connection between art and personal development, and inspires us in our creative pursuits. Reach out and let your artistic voice be heard.

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