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The original artwork "Peony Glitch" is a resin mixed media artwork consisting of a collage of a digitally enhanced photography of a peony flower embedded in multiple layers of resin poured onto acrylic and gold spray painted wood. It is finished with a clear resin sealant for a sleek, protective coating.

"Peony Glitch" is a mesmerizing resin mixed media collage that beautifully intertwines the digital with the physical. At its heart lies a digitally altered Peony flower, its natural soft rose hue enhanced with captivating copper accents and delicate pale yellow and orange shades. This vibrant flower is set against a backdrop of dirty pink acrylic paint, framed by a dramatic black vignette, creating a striking contrast. Symbolizing prosperity and honor, the Peony is presented in a state of electronic glitch, highlighting the delicate balance between life's beauty and the unpredictable nature of technology. This striking juxtaposition reflects life's inherent unpredictability, where even a small glitch can lead to significant changes, mirroring how our imperfections and vulnerabilities are integral to our humanity. Despite the chaos, like the resilient Peony, there is beauty in overcoming challenges, standing strong and graceful.

This artwork has a digital extension that can be brought to life through a free app - Artivive.

About the printing process:

Giclée Inkjet printing, a method where ink is meticulously sprayed onto paper in a fine dot pattern known as a half-tone, endows prints with a distinct fine art feel through its use of textured papers. This technique is celebrated for its ability to produce prints with deeply saturated colors, thanks to the vibrant pigments forming the inks. It offers a wide selection in paper thickness and texture, catering to various artistic preferences. The brilliance of Giclée prints lies in their vivid and saturated hues, setting them apart in the realm of art reproduction. Artists and illustrators favor Giclée prints for their precision in replicating the original artwork's medium. Furthermore, the archival quality of Giclée prints is remarkable, enduring approximately 40 years in daylight and up to 200 years in optimal dark storage conditions, preserving the legacy of the artwork for future generations.

The paper we love to use at Fineliner Diaries for our fine art prints:

The paper used for the Giclée limited edition fine art prints of "Peony Glitch" is Ilford Cotton Textured. Ilford Cotton Textured is a highly textured Giclée art paper, offering strong reproduction of blacks and good colour intensity with a texture that holds the ink and catches the light. This Giclée paper has a white uncoated paper base, which together with the texture gives the artwork a lovely fine art reproduction feel. The texture of the paper is pronounced, so if you are looking for the craft feel in your fine art print, this is the option we recommend. The Ilford Cotton Textured is a robust paper that handles mounting well. Print finish is matte. Paper tone is warm white. High texture paper with a weight of 310 gsm.

The "Peony Glitch" fine art print is an limited edition print, available in the 60cm by 60cm print size, with a 5cm white border on each side and the artist's signature, within the white border. Printed area is 50cm by 50cm, final print size 60cm by 60cm.

Peony Glitch Limited Edition Fine Art Print Sale price€285,00 EUR