Blooming Season: A Captivating Journey Through the Second Solo Exhibition in 2 Years at Stuttgart's Norbert Nieser Gallery

As November comes to a close, the first snowfall graces the ground. You may be curious as to why I've chosen to share the tale of a show called Blooming Season at this moment. Firstly, in my previous post, I delved into the symbolism of the flowers showcased in the winter collection we have available in the online shop, making this the perfect moment to continue the enchanting story of floral symbolism. Secondly, it is within the winter wonderland that most blooming journeys begin. Just like my show, the winter months provided me with an opportunity to reflect on the visual narrative I wished to convey. Moreover, all living beings, be they plants or animals, seek respite before blossoming anew in the upcoming season.

The Blooming Season: A Continuation of Personal Growth through Positive Experiences

After Norbert and I had a delightful time collaborating on my first solo show at his gallery in 2022, we decided to embark on this journey once again in the following year. It felt only natural to continue the narrative I had established with the Dis|Harmonie show, which focused on the notion that both positive and challenging experiences are integral to our personal growth, guiding us towards the equilibrium necessary for flourishing.

Blooming Season was an extension of the previous show, honing in on specific details and moments from my journey thus far. Once again, floral motifs took center stage, serving as the chosen medium to convey the narrative of this experience.

Blooming Season by Leia Tatucu solo show poster
The Blooming Season Exhibition Poster

The exhibition showcased mixed media artworks, combining resin and other materials, that portrayed visual metaphors representing various stages in this artist's life. Once again, the captivating geometric patterns took the spotlight, enhancing the beauty and graceful curves of nature's art as they served as backdrops for a stunning array of flowers.

Exploring the world of symbols

Lotus flowers hold a recurring presence in my artwork, accompanied by peonies, cherry blossoms, Japanese Snow flowers, waterlilies, and anemone blooms in this exhibition. This captivating display embodies my life's journey so far, with each piece meticulously crafted to portray different stages. From "Pond of Memories," which captures a core childhood memory by a serene waterlily pond in my grandparents' garden, to "Point of Origin" - a geometric floral resin mixed media collage that narrates how a breaking point can serve as the genesis of a new, more exquisite tale. Once again, it was an enthralling experience to engage with visitors and witness their unique perspectives on the showcased paintings.

Pond of Memories Detail
Detail of the Pond of Memories artwork

The Blooming exhibition showcased a collection of sixteen resin mixed media artworks, including six art prints on Hahnemühle paper and various Resin mini pieces. Together, these pieces conveyed a powerful narrative of Hope, Resilience, and Love. They served as a reminder to focus on what truly matters to us and to embrace a shift in perspective when something comes to an end. Rather than viewing it as a conclusion, we are encouraged to see it as the beginning of something new, possibly even better than what we leave behind. Each artwork featured a unique blend of resin and structure, incorporating geometric patterns, flowers, and a vibrant array of colors, resulting in a mesmerizing and captivating experience.

Point of Origin Detail
Detail of the Point of Origin artwork

When it comes to my art, I'm often asked which painting or drawing is my favorite. However, I don't feel the need to choose favorites because each piece is a unique expression of my storytelling. Thoughts and ideas shouldn't be favored, passions will drive us until they get expressed or fulfilled. Among the visitors, I noticed the Golden Hour piece was particularly beloved. It's part of a mini-series called Dawn (Sunrise), Golden Hour, and Dusk (Sundown). This painting captures the magical moment when everything is bathed in a warm golden glow, a tender embrace of love and light provided by the Sun. Another visitor favorite was Point of Focus, which reflects my journey of learning to channel my energy towards the topics and passions that truly matter to me, despite the noise and chaos that surrounds us.

Golden Hour Artwork
Golden Hour resin mixed media artwork

The Anemone and Geometrics piece was also a crowd favorite. It captured the delicate nature of the flower, serving as a reminder to preserve the beauty in fragile things. The artwork featured a striking geometric pattern backdrop with golden accents, adding depth and dimension. Intricate collage details and layers of resin enhanced its almost three-dimensional feel.

Anemone and Geometrics Detail
Detail of the Anemone and Geometrics artwork

Unleashing New Possibilities: Exploring the Intriguing World of Augmented Reality

This artwork was also the first to have a digital extension, a medium that has fascinated me for some time. Now, I have the opportunity to explore it more frequently and extensively. I am particularly enchanted by its ability to add an extra dimension to the storytelling within the pieces. The digital extension of Anemone and Geometrics can be experienced through an app called Artivive. The app is free to install and brings the art to life when viewed through it. If you are curious about what this digital extension looks like, you can download the Artivive app from the App Store for iOS or Android. Simply open the Anemone and Geometrics piece in the Artwork Gallery on my website, and let your mobile phone unveil the hidden 3D and dynamic effects behind the piece. I would love to know your thoughts on it, if you give it a try. There are certainly more digital extensions to follow for Blooming Season (why not try out Peony Glitch, as well?) and not only.

Embracing the Season of Blooming: A Journey of Hope, Resilience, and Love

In conclusion, the Blooming Season exhibition was yet another delightful opportunity for me to connect with my audience and share my visual stories. I am truly grateful for the privilege of being able to express myself through art. Each artwork in the exhibition portrayed different stages of my life's journey, allowing me to explore my passion for drawing, painting, and collaging my favorite floral motifs. From the delicate Japanese Snow Flowers to the majestic Lotus Flowers, the Blooming Season exhibition served as a powerful reminder to embrace and appreciate the delicate and exquisite aspects of life.

And as we approach the end of this year's season, it's a time for reflection on what went well and what didn't. It's a moment to pause, preparing ourselves for the fresh start of the coming year. And in this very moment, let's remind ourselves of the delicate beauty that surrounds us. It's a beauty that rests, gathering its strength before bursting forth in vibrant colors, heralding a new season of life.

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