Introducing the Furry Friends and Winter Florals: Unveiling Our Winter Collection 2023, Launched on Friday!

The winter season is upon us, and I am excited about the launch of our Winter Collection 2023. Some fantastic new designs joined the Geometrics Love collection and you can now indulge in the cozy warmth of the Furry Friends and Winter Florals collection, available in the shop since Friday, the 17th of November.

In this week's blog post, I am excited to share the story behind this collection. I want to take you on a journey of why I chose to feature some of my beloved furry friends and how I find endless joy in being surrounded by flowers throughout the year. Join me as I unveil the inspiration and experiences that have shaped this beautiful collection.

Introducing my Adorable Companions

Three of my beloved furry companions include a spirited Chihuahua and a pair of majestic Black Forest Draft Horses I had the privilege of meeting years ago. During this season, there is one thing that brings me immense joy: cozying up to their plush winter coats (although I must admit, I'm not fond of the transition process!).

Time for some Chihuahua fun!

To those who have yet to experience the pure joy and stress relief that a furry friend like a puppy, cat, or horse can bring, I genuinely hope that one day you will. And to all the dog lovers and owners out there, if you haven't had the pleasure of a "ChiChi-experience" yet, let me share this with you: I grew up surrounded by hunting dog breeds and held the mistaken belief that Chihuahuas were merely "toy dogs," more suitable as doll replacements than as pets. Oh, how wrong I was. Ten years ago, I met a little sassy and stylish Chihuahua who taught me an invaluable lesson. They are so much more than that stereotype and belong to one of the most intelligent dog breeds I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would have been like without this eye-opening experience and my little furry friend in my life.

Little Chihuahua enjoying cuddles

Majestic Creatures: Draft Horses, the Gentle Giants

As an adult, I have discovered a profound fondness for draft horses. In my teenage years, like many others, I yearned for swift and spirited horses. However, it is only when we are truly prepared that we can appreciate the unwavering temperament and dependability of a draft horse. My introduction to Black Forest draft horses occurred just a few years ago, and I was immediately captivated by their breathtaking beauty. With their dark coats and golden manes, these equines are truly a captivating sight. Originally bred for wood work in the South of Germany, they possess remarkable strength, gentleness, and dependability in any situation. Furthermore, their winter coat, resembling a cozy teddy bear, not only keeps them warm but also offers comfort to riders.

Selfie with a draft horse

As I reflect on their plush winter coats, I am reminded of the delightful memories created during colder weather. One such cherished memory is seeking solace from the cold by nestling my frozen hands under the horse pad that my dear mare companion wears beneath the saddle during our winter trail adventures. Embracing her, I could feel the warmth slowly seeping back into my body. This memory holds a special place within me, a treasure I wish everyone could experience. Our furry companions have much to teach us about kindness and personal growth, inspiring us to become better versions of ourselves.

Riding in Winter Wonderland

A Cat and a Snowman: Essential Motifs for a Winter Collection

The inclusion of a Kitty motif in the collection I considered to be essential, as dogs and cats often hold a position of trust as loyal furry companions in our lives. Although I don't currently have a feline reference in my own life, I selected a tiger kitty that evokes memories of the many similar cats we had at home during my childhood.

Last, but not least, who can resist the charm of a Snowman who understands that he alone is responsible for his own happiness? As he stirs the snowflakes in his snow globe, watching them gracefully descend, a wide smile graces his delightful snowy face.

Unconventional winter blossoms

And then, there are the florals, too. Oh, how they grace us with gentle reminders to bloom, offering much-needed hope, especially during the scarce beauty of winter. While we are spoiled with their abundant splendor in summer and spring, it is during the colder months that we truly cherish their presence. They become a beacon of beauty, illuminating every step we take.

Selecting no more than three floral motifs for this collection proved to be a difficult task. With countless exquisite flowers to choose from, including an abundance of Christmas blooms like the Poinsettia, Mistletoe, and Holly that prevail during this time of year, the decision was challenging.

Anemone - Every gardener's pride

I have chosen Amaryllis, which is often associated with Christmas time in recent years, along with Hellebore and Anemone. You may wonder why I included Anemone when discussing winter florals. Well, the Anemone flower holds various symbolic meanings, including forsaken love, healing, sincerity, withered hopes, love, anticipation, and expectation. I find it to be the perfect flower to guide us through the process of reflection at the end of another year. During this time of the year, we often reflect back on what went well and as expected, what disappointments we faced, the lessons we choose to carry forward, and the aspects of ourselves that we wish to illuminate. The Wind Flower, as the Anemone is often called, serves in my opinion as a fitting companion for this necessary reflection before we embark on meditating on our future goals and plans to achieve them.

White Fineliner Anemone Spiral Notebook

Amaryllis - Radiant Beauty

Did you know that the Amaryllis blooms in the wild during Spring or Summer, taking six years to bloom from a seed? This magnificent flower symbolizes artistic pursuits, innocence, pride, beauty, shyness, and timidity. Interestingly, it also resonates with the art of writing. It's fascinating how I often feel inexplicably drawn to a specific flower in regard to a topic, or person, only to later discover its perfect symbolism for what I had envisioned all along. I had a similar experience with the Amaryllis flower that I initially sketched for my sister. My sister, a gifted writer, has always possessed a talent for storytelling. In recent years, she has bravely shared her gift with the world, and her success has been steadily growing. I couldn't think of a more fitting flower and symbol for a writer than one that embodies the essence of writing and artistic endeavors, don't you agree?

Red Fineliner Amaryllis iPhone Case

Hellebore - Christmas Rose

Two years ago, I chose the captivating Hellebore as a substitute for a Christmas tree. Its exquisite dark hues and delicate center bring light and solace during darker times, reflecting the shorter days and diminished sunlight of this particular season in the hemisphere I reside. The Hellebore, symbolizing relief from anxiety and triumph over turmoil, embodies the essence of finding solace after a turbulent period. This sentiment often precedes the joyous year-end festivities. I have intentionally explored different color schemes for this floral pattern, aiming to emphasize its natural beauty, rather than any potential negative associations.

Hellebore Bubble-free stickers

Important Details Regarding Our Ongoing Collection and Availability

Introducing our latest additions to the Geometrics Love collection: four captivating new geometric pattern designs. Alongside our Furry Friends and Winter Florals Collection, these creations are perfect for infusing your home, mobile phone, or stationery with a touch of personality and style. They also make exceptional gifts for art enthusiasts among your friends and family.

Our exquisite Metallic Geometrics Collection, however, will gracefully bow out at the close of this year. If you have been contemplating acquiring any of its splendidly designed products, we encourage you to do so before December bids us farewell.

'Tis the Season for Joy and Giving! 🎁🎅

I hope to have been able to give you a glimpse of the story behind Fineliner Diaries' Winter Collection 2023. It stands for friendship as a pillar of trust, a reminder that we are cared for. It ignites the spirit of adventure, beckoning us towards the unknown. Through experiences that deviate from our expectations, we find valuable lessons to learn and grow from.

Cherish the presence of your loved ones, expressing gratitude for their role in your life at every opportunity. Don't allow the excitement of the season to rush you into completing your year-end goals. Take the time to accomplish what you truly desire, reflecting on the significance of each moment.

And avoid the last-minute rush when buying Christmas gifts. Explore our winter collection for great options.

Here's a shopping tip: enjoy free shipping on the new types of products.

Remember, the deadline for Standard Shipping to ensure your presents arrive before the Holidays is December 10th.

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