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Article: The Freedom Series

The Freedom Series

The Freedom Series

10 years flew by since Dumitru Mihaica agreed to try to custom make the first pair of Argentine tango dancing shoes for my friend, Maria, in his workshop in Timisoara.

10 years, many, many pairs and dancing experiences later, he built the dancing shoes line My Tango Shoes by Mono and continues to develop it based on the feedback he gets from Argentine tango dancers.

Always creative and inquisitive, he holds on to the openness that got this project started in the first place and sometimes collaborates with other artists in order to continuosly improve and beautify his dancing shoes and not only.

I was lucky enough to get to be one of these artists and am currently working on a series of artworks inspired by my dancing Argentine tango.

I entitled this one the Freedom Series, since freedom is for me the feeling best describing what I get to experience through "dancing the tango".

The three symbols most adequate to impersonate the feeling were for me the humming birds, butterflies and flowers.

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